CLIC’huitres®, the French Oyster Holder

Now you can shuck 'em at home!
Where can I get one? Product list I want to sell these!

The clic'huitres in action!
This unique oyster holder makes shucking safer and easier. The hand holding the oyster is out-of-the-way, above the knife.

The textured surface and unique pocket adapt to any size oyster. The holder latches over the edge of the work surface so it and oyster don’t move.

Now more American oyster lovers can
Shuck’em at Home!
The CLIC’huitres® has been available in Europe for more than 30 years. It now is being distributed to retail stores in the United States! The manufacturer has authorized one distributor who is now importing the Oyster Holder.
The Clic'huitres